The Bilateral Linkages Database has been developed to facilitate detailed analysis of the trade flows within APEC and between APEC and the world. Access to this database is free-of-charge and the data can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

The database includes several indicators illustrating the merchandise trade, foreign direct investment, portfolio investment assets, and bank lending linkages between APEC economies dating back to APEC’s inception in 1989. Data are sourced from United Nations Comtrade, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, International Monetary Fund and Bank for International Settlements. A full list of the indicators found in the Bilateral Linkages Database is provided below.

For the first time, APEC aggregates for a broad range of indicators are available, making it easier to examine the region as a whole. Aggregates for APEC as a partner economy are sums based on data available for each APEC partner economy in that year. If a datum is unavailable for an economy, then that economy is not included in the calculation of the APEC aggregate for that year. Aggregates are calculated for APEC as a partner economy only if data are available for at least two-thirds of the APEC economies.

Please refer to the Glossary for a detailed definition and the data source of each indicator.

Merchandise Trade (6 indicators)

Exports, Total Merchandise (in USD millions)
Exports, Manufacturing (in USD millions)
Exports, Non-manufacturing (in USD millions)
Imports, Total Merchandise (in USD millions)
Imports, Manufacturing (in USD millions)
Imports, Non-manufacturing (in USD millions)

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) (4 indicators)

FDI Flows, Inward (in USD millions)
FDI Flows, Outward (in USD millions)
FDI Stocks, Inward (in USD millions)
FDI Stocks, Outward (in USD millions)

Portfolio Investment Assets (5 indicators)

Portfolio Investment, Total (in USD millions)
Portfolio Investment, Equity Securities (in USD millions)
Portfolio Investment, Debt Securities, Total (in USD millions)
Portfolio Investment, Debt Securities, Long-term (in USD millions)
Portfolio Investment, Debt Securities, Short-term (in USD millions)

Bank Lending (1 indicator)

Consolidated Foreign Claims, Immediate Borrower Basis (in USD millions)